The way we work

The following section of this report looks at the way that we manage our business in the areas of human resources, HSE and supply chain management.

Our three key areas of focus are:

Key human resources issues include how we treat our employees and, as part of this, the provision of training and development opportunities for them. This sub-section also addresses the standard of behaviour that we expect of our employees in their day to day work.


This sub-section identifies how we tackle health, safety and environment (HSE) including details of our management and audit systems. The text covers training schemes for employees and sub-contractors, as well as our approach to issues such as climate change, waste, land remediation and biodiversity.

Health, safety and environmental management

Key supply chain management issues include how we treat our suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as the standards that we expect of them in areas such as health, safety and environment. The text describes our approach to green procurement as well as supplier engagement and vetting practices.

Supply chain management