Supporting local communities

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and a good neighbour in the communities in which we operate.

Community consultation is an important part of the planning process for new developments and we are committed to engaging with and consulting local communities and other relevant stakeholders wherever possible. We aim to work with communities to find the best solutions to development and we try to ensure that our developments enhance local communities. We also support community and charitable organisations and encourage our employees to get involved through volunteering and fundraising.

We often become very involved with the local community during the planning consultation and during the construction of our developments. One example is Rose Hill in Oxford where we have actively worked with Oxford City Council, forming part of a Development Agreement to redevelop and regenerate parcels within the Rose Hill development. The project will include the removal of the existing prefabricated homes which have fulfilled their purpose and will be replaced with 254 modern and comfortable homes. We have engaged with the local community in a range of ways - taking part in local meetings, running consultation events, sponsoring a football team, providing play equipment for the local children's centre and running projects with the local primary school. Local residents are extremely supportive of the rejuvenation of Rose Hill and around 30 residents visited the site to celebrate the official start of building work in March 2008.

Our Rowner development in Gosport provides an example of community consultation. As members of the Rowner Renewal Project - along with the Homes and Communities Agency, local councils and Portsmouth Housing Association - we are building over 500 environmentally-friendly homes to regenerate the neglected Rowner Estate and make it into a safe and attractive area.

Formal consultation on project design and discussion events began in October 2007 to give residents ample time and opportunity to meet the partnership team and shape the future of their own estate. Representatives from every section of the community, together with key stakeholders, attended the launch and public exhibition. The project architects organised a series of public events, workshops and interviews including a design weekend. One to one discussions took place with individual home owners who were concerned about losing their existing home as part of the redevelopment and question and answer leaflets were produced for residents. Over 200 local residents, stakeholders and community groups participated in the events organised by the architects.

Taylor Morrison volunteers in Denver gave their time and skills to help a wheelchair-bound neighbour during 2008. Working with the local Home Builders Foundation and trade partners, a group of employees worked over a six-week period to remodel the bathroom, repair drywall and repaint the inside of the lady's house.

Helping in the local community

Helping in the local community

The partnership listened to residents and local groups and worked hard to develop a vision for Rowner that accommodated their requests. The partnership launched its masterplan after eight months of in-depth consultation and around 100 residents, community groups and local businesses attended the launch event. Anyone who still had concerns about the development was encouraged to discuss their views with the partnership. The consultation process will continue as the project develops, with work on site expected to start in 2009.

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We often become very involved with the local community during the planning consultation and during the construction of our developments.

Site safety is an important issue for those who live close to our developments or visit our sites. We have comprehensive procedures in place on all aspects of visitor as well as worker safety, including signage, protective barriers, site traffic management and safety training for all relevant personnel. In the UK, we regularly run school safety campaigns to alert children to the dangers of building sites.

We have strict procedures in place governing behaviour on our sites and seek to minimise any nuisance to neighbours. We fully support the principles of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) and participate in the scheme at many of our larger sites. In 2008, two of our sites won Bronze Awards in the annual CCS awards.

We also actively encourage our employees to participate in community and charitable activities, including running fundraising events. Our North American Divisions are particularly active when it comes to picking up tools on behalf of local charities. For example, over 100 volunteers from our operations in Phoenix and our corporate office helped to refurbish three transitional homes for homeless families and tidied up the outdoor space for a block of 30 homes during a charity day for local organisation Save the Family.

Taylor Morrison has also introduced a major new approach to corporate fundraising as part of an employee development programme. Meanwhile, Taylor Woodrow de España launched the Get Kids Dancing campaign, an initiative to tackle childhood obesity.


Further details of our community and charitable policies are available on-line at

Our Community on the Curriculum initiative teaches schoolchildren about housebuilding. Simpson Primary School in Bathgate in West Lothian, Scotland took part in the Community in the Making course module in 2008. They learned about planning and design issues, met an architect, planned their own development and created a welcome display for visitors at one of our developments.

Teaching children about housebuilding

Teaching children about housebuilding