Raploch, Stirling

Raploch will provide 900 new homes in what is one of Scotland's largest and most significant urban regeneration projects.


In a partnership known as R3, George Wimpey East Scotland and Cruden Homes (East) Ltd are working with the Raploch Urban Regeneration Company to regenerate Raploch, providing new homes and job opportunities.

Each home will boast an EcoHomes rating of Very Good - a first for Scotland. We are building the homes to high design standards and orienting them to provide views over nearby Stirling Castle. We are providing 30% of the homes for affordable rental and also ran a priority purchase scheme.

Raploch's new Resource Centre opened in 2008. It provides an exhibition space for community consultation events and the Raploch Recruitment Office. Over the course of the development, R3 and our sub-contractors will create 100 operative jobs, 100 training placements and 25 apprenticeships, which will be coordinated through the Recruitment Office.

R3 supported the award-winning Breaking the Mould programme, which led to jobs for 12 previously unemployed local women who are now qualified in construction skills. R3 is also supporting Forth Construction in its aim of helping small and medium-sized enterprises to tender for construction contracts. We have employed sub-contractors as a result of this initiative and continue to provide workshops, mentoring, advice and support for sub-contractors and local businesses. Furthermore, R3 has ringfenced substantial funds to help the creation and development of local community enterprises.


Extensive consultation and engagement continue to take place in Raploch. In 2008, Raploch's Urban Regeneration Company won the Government Opportunities Sustainability Award for the positive social and economic impact of the Raploch regeneration. R3 was shortlisted for the best regeneration partnership between a developer and the public sector in the Housebuilding Innovation Awards 2008.

Other innovations at Raploch include an ongoing composting trial with WRAP (the Waste Resources Action Programme) on using compost as opposed to imported topsoil on construction projects. We applied the WRAP Regeneration Guide principles to the development and identified material recovery practices that could lead to potential cost savings of up to £60,000 and 500 fewer vehicle movements.

A green travel plan is being developed for the site and Raploch will integrate Home Zone design principles to encourage walking rather than car use. The site is Secured by Design accredited.