Our homes and communities

We are committed to building sustainable homes and communities. By the nature of our business, we have a major impact on the local communities in which we operate and aim to provide tangible and sustainable benefits and enhancements wherever we build. Our Community Policy sets out our aims in terms of protecting, supporting and enhancing the communities in which we build.

Our five key areas of focus are:

Being a good neighbour and engaging with community and other stakeholder groups through consultation, considerate construction and charitable activities.

Supporting local communities

Using design to create high quality, cost effective, attractive and appealing homes and communities that meet our customers' needs and wants as well as enhancing the local area.

Better by design

Striving to build homes that are ever more energy-efficient, as well as reducing the environmental impact of our operations at both a local and global scale.

Environmental sustainability

Making major contributions to the local economies in which we build through regeneration schemes, affordable housing, improved infrastructure and increased local employment.

Enhancing economic growth

Providing the highest levels of customer care and making our customers' home-buying process as simple, straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Customer care