Evergreen, Toronto

Evergreen is a large scale, environmentally-friendly, low-rise residential community providing 202 town and single family homes.


Monarch Corporation is building all homes to recognisable green building and energy efficiency standards known as LEED for Homes (LEED-H) and Energy Star. By integrating LEED-H and Energy Star in each home, Evergreen could potentially save residents about CAN$1,000 a year in energy bills in comparison with conventionally built homes.

Construction materials include 100% recycled drywall and carpet as well as 85% recycled trim and millwork. We are also committed to using less carbon intensive concrete, steel, lumber and masonry material. We have been awarded points in the certification scheme for using locally sourced materials that are extracted, manufactured and shipped to site from a distance of less than 500 miles. We have also committed to cut water consumption and construction waste sent to landfill by 50%.

We have an Experience Centre on the site that is open to members of the public as well as potential customers. It helps visitors to understand what green building entails and why it matters.

Located in Toronto's popular Midland and St Clair area, Evergreen is being built on previously developed 'brownfield' land. The community's central location means that there are excellent amenities on the doorstep and that public transport is easily accessible.


This community is part of Monarch's evolution towards increasingly environmentally-friendly homes and construction practices. Monarch Corporation has also built the first house in Canada and the second in the world to be certified to the LEED Gold standard. Evergreen will be enormously valuable to us as a company in terms of research on green construction practices. It will also help us to understand consumer interest in and demand for more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings. One of the key points about Evergreen is that this development is not being subsidised with public money at all. We want our green buildings to be profitable and, therefore, to be repeatable on a large scale.

Evergreen also provides a unique opportunity for us in terms of collaboration. We are working with the City of Toronto on this project and will be involved in designing the Green Development Standards that will in future govern all construction work in the Greater Toronto Area. Our research and trials on Evergreen will help to shape a standard that is practical and effective for production home builders to achieve.