We are committed to treating our employees fairly and developing their potential.

Regrettably, the current economic situation means that much of our focus in 2008 has been on restructuring and redundancy management. Financial restraints have necessitated tight control upon expenditure, including training and development.

We made 3,045 staff redundant during 2008 across all regions in which we operate. Our aim is to treat these employees fairly and considerately. We try to communicate bad news as sensitively as possible and, in the UK and North America, we provide outplacement assistance to help individuals in areas such as CV development, interview skills and transference of skills to industries less affected by the economic downturn.

Ethics and business practice

We aim to provide all of our employees with a safe place to work and to treat them fairly and with respect.

Taylor Morrison launched a new company mission in 2008 following extensive consultation with employees throughout North America. As part of this process, we developed a team member commitment statement on how we promise to treat our employees, as well as guiding principles that state what standard of behaviour we ask of them. We held meetings with all staff to discuss the new mission and values and have poster-sized versions of the statements on display. Further guidance for staff is available in the Taylor Morrison Team Member Handbook.

In the UK, employee behaviour is governed by our Taylor Wimpey Code of Conduct. This sets out how we aim to treat employees and what we expect of them. All of our human resources policies were reviewed and revised in 2008 and are now published in the form of the new Taylor Wimpey Team Handbook.

We support the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and have a human rights policy. We have strict equal opportunities policies and have processes in place in the UK and North America with regard to grievance procedures and whistleblowing.

Employee engagement

We aim to communicate openly, honestly and effectively with our employees. Corporate intranets and our teamtalk quarterly magazine keep employees up to date with Group news and developments. UK employees can opt to receive daily e-mail news alerts while Taylor Morrison employees receive e-newsletters and Quikconnects - internal e-mails used for important messages.

In 2008, we were involved in a series of television programmes entitled Careers for Women which were shown on Sky TV and elsewhere. Three women employees in the UK - our Group HR Director, a regional Managing Director and a Field Sales Manager - talked about their experience of working in housebuilding and the opportunities for women.

Housebuilding careers for women

Housebuilding careers for women

We aim to communicate openly, honestly and effectively with our employees.

We undertook our annual employee engagement survey in North America during 2008. The on-line survey contains 42 questions designed to measure team members' rational and emotional commitment to their day to day work, their direct manager, their team and the Company. The survey also measures team members' levels of discretionary effort and their intent to stay with the organisation. Results are compared with a database of 500,000 employee responses from 300 companies. The Company's
overall engagement score was a very positive 5.74 out of a possible 7.0.

Taylor Morrison employee engagement scores

Note: scores are out of a possible 7.0

Emotional Commitment: Benchmark average 5.66, Taylor Morrison score 6.29, Rational commitment: Benchmark average 4.09, Taylor Morrison score 4.45, Discretionary effort: Benchmark average 5.84, Taylor Morrison score 6.26, Intent to stay: Benchmark average 5.15, Taylor Morrison score 5.97
  • Emotional commitment
  • Discretionary effort
  • Rational commitment
  • Intent to stay

Taylor Morrison's engagement score was in the 90th or 99th percentile of benchmark companies for each of the four key areas surveyed. The results will be used for developing action plans to tackle any issues that arose.


In the UK we continue to support the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), which aims to improve the quality of workmanship and reduce accidents throughout the construction industry. CSCS cards provide proof of occupational competence and, in order to obtain a card, applicants must pass a relevant health and safety test and prove that they have the necessary qualifications to be competent in their work. At the end of 2008, 91% of our workforce, including sub-contractors, was carded. We are aiming for 100% compliance by the end of 2009.

All members of the UK sales and marketing teams have received intensive training in sales techniques, incentives and the Customer Journey (see Customer care). Sales Management have participated in further recruitment and selection training as well as team leadership development workshops. The 2007 UK Graduate Scheme intake also continued its development programme during 2008.

In North America, we introduced a new leadership development programme to ensure that we continue to develop our employees' capabilities despite the current economic situation.

Taylor Morrison has introduced the Big Idea, a competition inviting all North American employees to submit their big ideas for improving the Company. The judges - our Group Chief Executive and Taylor Morrison's President -are looking for innovative thinking combined with practical, workable and cost-effective ideas. The two best ideas are announced each quarter with two overall winners selected each year.

Encouraging innovation with the Big Idea

Encouraging innovation with the Big Idea

Encouraging careers in construction

In 2008, Taylor Wimpey received confirmation that it will be included in the Cambridge 25 - a select group of employers recommended to University of Cambridge graduates and involved in the university's recruitment initiatives.

Our Breaking the Mould initiative at Raploch provided work placements for local unemployed women. See pages 15-16 for other examples of initiatives encouraging students into careers in housebuilding.

Challenging employees

In 2008, we introduced a series of competitions to encourage our employees to challenge themselves. The first, the Taylor Morrison Challenge, ranks each of our Divisions every month on a series of 12 key metrics, from financial performance to staff turnover, customer satisfaction and health and safety. The top Division at the end of each year will receive a trophy.

We also developed a new programme called Peak Performance which focuses on developing and maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce in North America. The programme will be launched to all employees in 2009. One aspect of Peak Performance is a series of team and individual physical challenges and training opportunities - such as running half marathons - to help people have fun getting and staying fit.

A second aspect encourages social responsibility and volunteerism. We will sponsor and work with employees to fundraise for the Special Olympics, which empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit. Each Division will also select a charitable volunteer from among their staff each quarter. The chosen employees will receive public recognition and a donation to the charity they volunteer with.

Taylor Wimpey will be included in the Cambridge 25 - a select group of employers recommended to Cambridge graduates.


In 2009, our key area of training in the UK will be with our sales force to focus on sales and customer satisfaction. Across the full UK operation, emphasis will be upon talent management and implementation of succession plans to enable us to emerge from this challenging market in a position of strength.

Taylor Morrison will focus on training and development as well as launching the Peak Performance programme. Our key objectives remain fair treatment and respect for employees, their development and competitive rewards for them as well as transparent practices and policies that reward performance equally across the Group.


Further details of our employee policies are available on-line at www.taylorwimpey.com/policies.